RGS The Great Explorers

Author Beau Riffenburgh

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208 pages
286 x 236mm
Published Dec 2017
ISBN 9780233005270
Book Summary

The Royal Geographical Society's The Great Explorers charts the Golden Age of exploration with some of the earliest explorers from the Vikings, to the early Chinese travellers, the discovery of the Americas by French and Spanish explorers, and the eventual circumnavigation of the globe.

Familiar explorers' travels, and those less familiar too, are all fascinatingly recounted by Riffenburgh through a series of beautiful maps and plans in the explorers' own hand.

Covering professional explorers, botanists hunting for undiscovered plants, missionaries spreading Christianity into unexplored regions, female explorers, and the aristocratic and down-right eccentric, the RGS The Great Explorers takes you to a world still waiting to be discovered.

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