Rolex Presents The World of Professional Golf 2015

Rolex Presents The World of Professional Golf 2015


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688 pages
240 x 159mm
Published May 2015
ISBN 9781780976105
Book Summary

Every sport has its definitive annual guide, the book for those who are passionate about the sport to use for reference and information. For golf fans, The World of Professional Golf 2015, sponsored by Rolex, is the bible, the volume that everyone with an interest in what happened on every Tour golf course around the world each year wants to have on their bookshelf. The 49th edition is a volume that no serious world golf student can be without.

The first section concentrates on rankings, money lists and Tour winners. This is followed by reports on the four men's and five women's Majors, the men's and women's Tour events across the USA and the rest of the world and the Senior Tours. The book concludes with scoring summaries of every pro tournament played in the world in 2014, providing enough information to satisfy even the most ardent statistician's hunger for figures.

This magnificent volume contains an introduction by the legendary Arnold Palmer, a foreword by the first great golf agent and founder of IMG, Mark H. McCormack, plus approximately 90 photographs of the year in action. If it happened in professional golf in 2014, you will find all you need to know in The World of Professional Golf 2015.

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