Rubik's Logic Puzzles

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Rubik's Logic Puzzles


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144 pages
237 x 185mm
Published Oct 2018
ISBN 9781787391819
Book Summary

Rubik's Logic Puzzles takes the iconography and core intellectual values of the classic 1980s Rubik's Cube and places them in a colourful, challenging set of puzzles and problems. Test your problem-solving abilities with this fun, colourful book of over 100 Puzzles. Focussing on mathematic and logic tests, this book will provide fiendish fun for all puzzle-lovers.

Rubik's Cube has been popular since the early 1980s, when Professor Erno Rubik developed a 'moveable art piece' for his architecture students. That became the Rubik's Cube and was a massive craze around the world.

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