Stand Up, Stand Out

Author Kay Woodward

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112 pages
252 x 195mm
Published Oct 2018
ISBN 9781783124237
Book Summary

Meet 25 of the bravest humans of all time! Stand Up, Stand Out! is filled with the incredible and inspiring stories of rebel heroes who stood up for what they believed in, spoke out against injustice, and overcame impossible obstacles.

Portraits created by hand-picked contemporary illustrators and snappy, compelling text bring these people's achievements vividly to life, and relate their stories back to those of young readers today. From world leaders such as Gandhi and Nelson Mandela to unsung heroes Irena Sendler (who rescued 2,500 children in World War 2) and Juliane Koepcke (who survived an airplane crash in the rainforest aged 17). Each profile concludes with a "What Can You Do?" section in which the story is related to everyday scenarios children might encounter, and suggests ways for them to show bravery or peacefully protest against injustice.

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