Stats, Records & Rock 'N' Roll

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Stats, Records & Rock 'N' Roll

Author Daniel Tatarsky, Ian Preece

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176 pages
286 x 236mm
Published Oct 2017
ISBN 9781780979304
Book Summary

Welcome to Stats, Records & Rock 'n' Roll, an exploration of the aural beauty of music told through 80 visually stunning infographics - the most popular information medium of the 21st century.

With extensive research sourced from all over the world, Stats, Records & Rock 'n' Roll can finally reveal the answers to the questions that have long intrigued many music fans: Where does the money from Number One records go? How do the sales figures of One Hit Wonders compare to their follow-up flop? And, most importantly, how many records does a music fan listen to during their lifetime?

Covering all genres, this comprehensive and beautiful book has a plethora of facts and figures to keep every serious music fan awake at night with wonder. From classic bands to hot, new favourites - it's all here.

Humorous, entertaining and informative, Stats, Records & Rock 'n' Roll also reveals a new fact and figure every time you pick it up making it the perfect visual playlist to your favourite album, no matter whether it's Nevermind, Nebraska or The Number of the Beast.

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