STEM Quest: Fabulous Figures and Cool Calculations

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STEM Quest: Fabulous Figures and Cool Calculations

Author Colin Stuart

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80 pages
270 x 216mm
Published Jun 2018
ISBN 9781783123490
Age 6+
Series: STEM Project Books
Book Summary

Mathematics is the language of the universe, everything around us!

Can you crack it and become an incredible maths genius? Play awesome number bingo, make chocolate crispy cakes with the ingredient ratios, build a 3D pyramid, create your own unique tessellation masterpiece, and much more!

With over 30 fantastic activities, extraordinary facts and stats and cool illustrations, this amazing STEM book will inspire you to become a top-notch number cruncher.

The STEM editorial consultant is Georgette Yakman, founding researcher and creator of the integrative STEAM framework.

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