Strange - Punks And Drunks Flicks And Kicks

Strange - Punks And Drunks Flicks And Kicks

Author Richard Strange

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Published Apr 2002
ISBN 9780233999913
Book Summary
He was almost a rock star. But not quite. From his early days leading cult heroes the Doctors of Madness, through to an unexpected shift into acting, the world according to Richard "Kid" Strange has been anything but predictable. Doctor Strangelife is a fascinating first-hand glimpse into life at the hub of London's music scene during and beyond the Punk era. Witty and incisive, Strange recalls encounters with a bizarrely divergent list of celebrities, among them Malcolm McLaren, the Sex Pistols, John Cleese, Twiggy, Jonathan King, Richard Branson, Jack Nicholson, Darnien Hirst, Kim Basinger and Martin Scorcese. But these are no ordinary memoirs: brutally frank Doctor Strangelife is a no-holds-barred account of a life lived among London's creative movers and shakers.