Swords and Hilt Weapons

Swords and Hilt Weapons

Author Victor Harris, Michael D Coe, Peter Connolly, Anthony Harding, Donald J LaRocca, Anthony North, THOM RICHARDSON, Christopher Spring, FREDERICK WILKINSON

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240 pages
270 x 290mm
Published Mar 2013
ISBN 9781853758829
Book Summary

Swords and Hilt Weapons is the most comprehensive guide to nearly 4,000 years of sword making from all over the world. Written by a distinguished team of experts, it provides an indepth appraisal of the weapons themselves and is rich in historical and background detail. Fully illustrated throughout, this is a unique survey of a vast body of superb craftsmanship. An essential reference work for weapons enthusiasts, collectors, and lovers of military history and art.

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