The Amazing Emoji Puzzle Book

The Amazing Emoji Puzzle Book

Author Gemma Barder

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96 pages
246 x 189mm
Published May 2017
ISBN 9781783122899
Book Summary

A new book that combines cool stickers, brilliantly brain-bending puzzles and emojis. Welcome to The Amazing Emoji Puzzle Book. Kids can go puzzle crazy - emoji style! Packed with over 80 creative and educational puzzles.

Pit yours wits against visual puzzles, missing-emoji games, logic problems and other tricky brainbusters. A sheet of stickers to use to solve the puzzles and decorate your possessions adds an extra layer of emoji fun.

96 pages of mind-boggling emoji-themed puzzles, plus stickers. Some of the puzzles are sticker puzzles, so the stickers can be used to solve them.

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