The Battle of Waterloo - Peter & Dan Snow Signed Bookplate

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The Battle of Waterloo - Peter & Dan Snow Signed Bookplate

Author Peter Snow, Dan Snow

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160 pages
289 x 251mm
Published Jul 2017
ISBN 978023300BWsnow
Book Summary

This edition contains John and Dan Snow signed bookplates

The Battle of Waterloo marks an event that changed the fate of Europe irrevocably. Beautifully illustrated, it includes reproductions of contemporary letters and documents, printed on the page, and offers a beautifully written telling of the battle and compelling new treatment of the Hundred Days campaign that finally ended the career of Napoleon.

Each stage of the build-up to this decisive battle is carefully described, from the escape to the preparations for war. A topography of the battlefield complements a description of the fighting, which culminated in the rout of Napoleon's Imperial Guard, an elite unit that had never experienced defeat.

Concluding with an examination of the consequences for the politics of Europe, The Battle of Waterloo is a detailed and visually stunning companion to one of history's most decisive battles.

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