The Best of Alex 2017

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The Best of Alex 2017

Author Russell Taylor, Charles Peattie

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80 pages
297 x 212mm
Published Oct 2017
ISBN 9781853759871
Book Summary

It's 30 years since Alex began his career in the City of London as a Yuppie banker. Today's post-crisis financial reality comes as a grim contrast to those heady, carefree days, with all the additional uncertainties of Brexit, President Trump and a General Election.

On the domestic front Alex's wife Penny's blossoming career as a non-executive director means he has the indignity of attending the World Economic Forum at Davos as her "plus one"; his hapless colleague Clive's divorce from fearsome wife Bridget is getting particularly messy and expensive; and consternation is caused at the bank when Alex's colleague Steven unexpectedly comes out as a transgender woman.

The star of the Daily Telegraph's business pages divides his time between worrying about his job being relocated to Frankfurt post-Brexit, fretting over the arrival of the draconian new compliance regime Mifid II, which will make half the City redundant and remaining blissfuly ignorant about BlockChain - which will do the same for anyone who's left.

The Best of Alex is now in full colour.

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