The Complete Digital Photo Handbook

The Complete Digital Photo Handbook

Author Philip Andrews

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233 x 191mm
Published Jan 2015
ISBN 9781780976129
Book Summary

The Complete Digital Photo Handbook is a fully comprehensive manual for everyone from the aspiring professional to the general enthusiast. The book starts by looking at the equipment available today and how to make the most of it. It then moves on to Core Camera Skills, how to frame your photograph and how to take an amazing photograph even with limited equipment. After this chapter comes PhotoShop/Elements Tutorials, which provides detailed and useful information on how to improve your images. Inspirational Projects are covered to help the reader decide what to take photographs of, as sometimes this can be the hardest part. RAW Imaging Advice then covers everything you need to know about saving your images in the best possible way. The book finishes with both a Resources and Glossary section. The Complete Digital Photo Handbook is a must-have for all aspiring photographers.

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