The Complete Guide to Nutrients

The Complete Guide to Nutrients

Author Michael Sharon

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352 pages
204 x 135mm
Published Jan 2017
ISBN 9781780979045
Book Summary

Dr Michael Sharon gives straight-talking, informed and sensible advice in this invaluable A-Z reference that helps you understand the active benefits of the foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health and wellbeing. It enables you to take matters back into your own hands and use foods and supplements as a way to stay healthy and cope with illness and everyday stress.

In this helpful dictionary, you will encounter the most common everyday foods, such as kale and almonds, as well as the oldest natural medicines in the world, such as olive oil and yoghurt, and nutritional supplements from guarana to St John's Wort. Each entry gives a definition in plain English - what it is, where it comes from, the form it takes, how to prepare it; medicinal health benefits and a recommended daily dose.

For more fascinating facts about eating healthily be sure to check out our Carlton Blog and good luck with the new you!

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