The Deface-It-Yourself Art Book

The Deface-It-Yourself Art Book


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Mixed media
30 pages
176 x 136mm
Published Oct 2013
ISBN 9781853759079
Book Summary

We've all felt strongly about a work of art haven't we? Whether it was wishing Guernica had a bit of colour in or Mona Lisa cracked more of a smile, some of us go to greater lengths than others to deal with our opinions. Some go so far as to vandalise a work of art but that's getting a bit carried away even if it does make you feel better for a while. The Deface-it-yourself Art Book solves any problems and allows you to happily 'improve' a variety of artworks from the comfort (and safety) of your armchair. Using the supplied pens you'll be making your point in less time than it takes Brian Sewell to denounce Banksy. Then you can wipe clean and start again...

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