The Geek Guide to Life

The Geek Guide to Life

Author Colin Stuart, Mun Keat Looi

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192 pages
226 x 186mm
Published Oct 2016
ISBN 9780233005058
Book Summary

While geeks' obsessive desire for data makes them constant curators of useless information, it also drives them to great lengths to find the solutions to everyday problems. How do you make the perfect cup of tea? What are the moves that will impress a hot date on the dance floor? Is there an optimum angle for skimming a stone? The Geek Guide to Life reveals the geeky secrets to living smarter, offering scientifically sourced advice for dealing with everything life throws at you. Presented with top tips, infographics and a sense of humour, the Geek Guide appeals not just to Star Trek junkies and computer nerds but to anyone seeking answers to some of life's eternal questions.


"Full of tips and life hacks that are backed up by cold, hard science." - The Sun

"Contains a staggering amount of common sense, scientifically solid advice, much of it new information to this particular reviewer, who will be adopting some of its principles immediately." - Robin Pierce, Starburst Magazine

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