The Little History of Britain

The Little History of Britain

Author Chas Newkey-Burden, Illustrator Tony Husband

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128 pages
184 x 117mm
Published Sep 2016
ISBN 9781853759673
Series: Random History
Book Summary

Lots of pomp and circumstance have gone on since Julius Caesar first came, saw and conquered, but this doughty little book heroically captures the true essence of this green and pleasant land in just 106 episodes. This is the story of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales as it has never been told before: a red-white-and-blue compilation of surreal news reports, spoof correspondence and quirky cartoons. From the hooded druids of Stonehenge to the hoodied chavs of the Bluewater Shopping Centre, the nation's towering achievements and darkest hours are amusingly recalled. This updated edition includes the British moments of the past decade, including Bromance, Jezza and bake-offs.


"an illustrated rib-tickling bedtime chuckle" - Evergreen magazine

“an illustrated rib-tickling bedtime chuckle.” - Evergreen magazine

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