The Longest Day

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The Longest Day

Author Cornelius Ryan, Doug McCabe

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304 pages
286 x 222mm
Published May 2015
ISBN 9780233004570
Book Summary

First published in 1959 The Longest Day is one of the best-selling military history books of all time, and was the basis for the legendary war movie in 1962 released by 20th Century Fox.

The author pioneered a new style of military-history writing based on interview research with over a thousand battle participants. The result is a vivid description of D-Day based on the stories of the people, on both sides, who took part in those crucial 24 hours. The great body of first-hand documents, interview transcripts and questionnaires he collected is now held in Ohio University Libraries.

This beautifully designed illustrated edition incorporates 25 of these original research documents with Ryan's classic text, and is further enhanced with 120 photographs of D-Day.


"Magnificent… a fantastic edition"-James Holland

"The great strength of [The Longest Day] the incorporation of the primary sources allowing readers to experience the letters, transcripts and maps from the time…with the recordings of many of the leading D-Day protagonists. We can all hear Eisenhower's experiences of D-Day from his own mouth. Nothing will connect new audiences with our past more than this personal testimony from beyond the grave."-Dan Snow

"Carlton Books have produced a splendid new edition of a classic book…worth every penny for the excellent illustrated version, a very high quality production and all the extras included in it…If you buy one D-Day 70 commemorative book this year make it this one."-Sommecourt

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