The Lost Art of Being a Lady

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The Lost Art of Being a Lady

Author Allison Vale

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208 pages
204 x 135mm
Published Aug 2015
ISBN 9781853759253
Book Summary

Essential for all ladies of "ambitious persuasion", The Lost Art of Being a Lady is an elegantly crafted and stylish miscellany that provides indispensable advice, insight and direction on how to become a true lady. For the benefit of those wretched souls not blessed with noble blood, but with desire nonetheless to rise above their station, authors Allison Vale and Alison Rattle, have assembled 50 life lessons from several generations of women.

From decorous bedroom conduct ('How to avoid the parental consequences of marital relations'), to the aesthetic ('How to enhance the profile of your nose'), the practical ('How to wear a bustle' or 'mourn with decorum'), and the bizarre ('How to enjoy the 'Indian weed' with propriety'), rediscover your lady-ness and learn how to conduct yourself with true elegance and poise when faced with all manner of trying situations.

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