The Lost Journal: Superspy

The Lost Journal: Superspy


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32 pages
261 x 191mm
Published Oct 2012
ISBN 9781780971766
Book Summary

Who murdered the 1960s undercover agent known as codename Ace? The mystery has lain unsolved in secret service files for almost five decades, but it's about to be cracked - by you, the Superspy!

Using modern techniques like DNA analysis and lie detection, you can follow Ace's story through the pages of his journal, making deductions and eliminating suspects as you go. On the way you'll learn about invisible ink, codes and ciphers, hidden messages and all the trappings of espionage, both in the 1960s and now.


Fifteen special items including a guide to poisons, a suspect checklist, maps of Paris and Berlin, a guide to micro-cameras, a cipher decoding chart, newspaper clippings and lots more.

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