The Medieval World

Author Anita Baker

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160 pages
256 x 222mm
Published Oct 2018
ISBN 9780233005683
Book Summary

An engaging journey through the Middle Ages, The Medieval World explores a time of war, invention, exploration and extraordinary endeavour.

From the impact of religion on wars such as the Crusades, to the development of the printing press, it delves into the events of this rich and intriguing era. Handsomely illustrated, it explores the creation of dynasties and empires, the daily life of serfs, politics, employment medical advancements, art and literature. It also reveals the stories of key figures in the period, from Joan of Arc, Marco Polo and Saladin to the Knights Templar. The Medieval World is enriched by the inclusion of painstakingly researched documents, such as Joan of Arc's final letter and extracts from the Domesday Book.

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