The Most Amazing YouTube Cat Videos Ever!

The Most Amazing YouTube Cat Videos Ever!

Author Matthew Woods

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128 pages
178 x 111mm
Published Sep 2015
ISBN 9781853759413
Series: YouTube
Book Summary

Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube - still the world's number one video sharing website. Not all of these are cat videos - but they do make up a significant proportion, as more and more people get involved in what can now truly be described as an industry in its own right.

With more than two million YouTube cat videos, there are festivals and award ceremonies celebrating the best examples of feline footage. Now The Most Amazing YouTube Cat Videos Ever! brings together the cutest, funniest and most spectacular examples of this unstoppable Internet phenomenon in one carefully curated collection.

Including 120 clips, with each entry carrying a QR code, the reader is instantly guided to the most rewarding YouTube cat clips. From global viral hits to hidden gems and the most creative spins on this fast-moving new genre, this is the perfect gift for cat video experts and newbies alike.

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