The New Kama Sutra

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The New Kama Sutra

Author Richard Emerson

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128 pages
203 x 151mm
Published Apr 2019
ISBN 9781787392243
Book Summary

The famed ancient Indian guide to lovemaking, the Kama Sutra, has

been used to enhance sexual experiences since the fourth century.

Now a leading contemporary sex author has reinterpreted this classic

erotic manual to create a great sex guide for today, applying the spirit

and intention of the original Kama Sutra - the expression of uninhibited pleasure through sex - to the lives of twenty-first century couples. The clear, empowering text celebrating the art of lovemaking is accompanied by exquisite, sensual artworks from the original Kama Sutra and tasteful contemporary colour photographs.

Featuring a beautifully illustrated journey through all the different sexual positions, and covering everything from meeting a partner, courtship and kissing to games and massage, the New Kama Sutra is the ultimate guide to satisfying, exciting lovemaking.

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