The Orchid (Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew)

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The Orchid (Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew)

Author Lauren Gardiner, Phillip Cribb

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Mixed media
224 pages
286 x 222mm
Published Sep 2018
ISBN 9780233005492
Book Summary

Produced in association with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, this collection of 40 orchids tells the many intriguing stories of this beguiling plant. It is enhanced with botanical illustrations by the great orchid artists, 40 of which have also been selected be included as prints and presented in a handsome collector's box.

Captivating, beautiful, incredibly diverse and often elusive, orchids can be found in nearly all environments, ranging from sea level to an elevation of almost 5,000 metres. Victorian plant hunters scoured the globe for new species to bring back for botanical gardens and private collectors; "orchidmania" among gardeners was born and persists to this day. Enhanced with notes and letters held in Kew's archives and illustrations by artists such as John Day and Sarah Drake, this is an exceptionally beautiful book on an extraordinary plant.

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