The Premiership Football Miscellany

The Premiership Football Miscellany

Author John White

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176 pages
191 x 119mm
Published Sep 2013
ISBN 9781780973784
Series: Miscellany
Book Summary

The FA Premier League celebrated its 20th season in 2012 with Manchester City becoming only its fifth different winner, after Manchester United (12), Blackburn Rovers (one), Arsenal and Chelsea (three each). This isn't a work of reference, a compendium of lists, a collection of biographies or a compilation of trivia; it is a glorious mixture of all of these things, and much more besides. The Premiership Football Miscellany has something for everyone, with fascinating facts about English football's top flight, from a tirade against prawn sandwich eaters to players who find the net season after season after season, from legendary players and managers to infamous owners with quick tempers and quicker trigger fingers to fire the man in the dugout. There are reports on memorable matches, exceptional seasons, crazy moments, in fact anything that appeared in the media, written, spoken or social, all supplemented by player profiles, quotes, tables, results, fantasy teams, records and other lists. The Premiership Football Miscellany isn't to read from cover to cover in one sitting; it's to be dipped into and enjoyed in small bites. Diligently researched, and offering a refreshing insight into England's top league, from the essential to the downright quirky, there are hours of fun to be had by every football fan.

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