The Six Nations Rugby Miscellany

The Six Nations Rugby Miscellany

Author John White

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176 pages
191 x 119mm
Published Feb 2016
ISBN 9781780977478
Series: Miscellany
Book Summary

There is something for all rugby union fans in The Six Nations Rugby Miscellany. Revised and updated to include the 2014 and 2015 Six Nations Championship, both won on points difference by Ireland, there are hundreds of fascinating facts about the competition (from its days as the Home and Five Nations Championships) on a wide range of topics, from individual players and famous teams to sports politics and scandals and controversies off the field. It also contains famous quotes, tables, big match reports, fantasy teams, records, lists and numerous trivia entries. As the items appear completely at random, the book can be read from cover to cover, but is best being dipped into and enjoyed - like short bursts over the gain line. Researched with unflagging energy by a proud Irishman and an unrivalled master of sporting factoids, The Six Nations Rugby Miscellany brings hours of pleasure to rugby fans everywhere.

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