The Story of the Crossword

The Story of the Crossword

Author John Halpern

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224 pages
198 x 129mm
Published Jun 2016
ISBN 9780233004914
Book Summary

The crossword has been the most consistently successful puzzle of modern times. Forget riddles, conundrums or Sudoku, the crossword is the original and best word puzzle and it has truly stood the test of time. This book celebrates the world's favourite word puzzle by recounting the history of it, alongside examples of puzzles and words of wisdom from puzzle setters, crossword editors and members of the public who have racked their brains to find the solution to that elusive clue.


"An excellent addition to the crossworder's bookshelf."

The Independent

"A brilliant and entertaining guide to all types of crossword: the history, the setters, the solvers, the celebrities, the gossip. And how to write a good clue. And lots of crosswords to try. John Halpern has done a fine job in pulling it all together."

Colin Inman, Financial Times Crossword Editor

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