The Timewasting Emails

The Timewasting Emails

Author John Paul Shaw

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224 pages
216 x 135mm
Published Aug 2015
ISBN 9781853759260
Book Summary

'Don't ever, ever send this office an email like this again.' Penny Hart, Psychic.

One man. One computer. Hundreds of bizarre, funny and irritating emails. In his own inimitable style, Raymond Delauney can flatter, agitate and enrage at the stroke of a keyboard.

From job applications to complaints about global warming, hunting down Jeremy Clarkson's contact details and arguing with a psychic's dreadful foresight, The Timewaster Emails contains copious amounts of biting correspondence to keep readers laughing out loud until the final page.

Kingsley Amis once remarked, ''If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing." Delauney has certainly taken this advice into the twenty-first century as he embarks on a mission to antagonize as many people as he can - via email. Convincingly adopting a number of different guises, including a job applicant, salesman, disgruntled customer and inventor, one thing remains constant - Delauney's ability to irritate and provoke whoever he engages in correspondence. This book is a Henry Root updated for our times. While the names and email addresses have been changed, the emails themselves are very, very real.

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