The Travel Doodle Book

The Travel Doodle Book

Author Ross Adams

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80 pages
219 x 168mm
Published Jul 2009
ISBN 9781853757211
Book Summary

Hot on the heels of The Bored @ Work Doodle Book and The Still Bored @ Work Doodle Book comes The Travel Doodle Book.

It is packed with a great series of ways to keep your mind from wandering when you are stuck in a ten-mile tailback on the M4, a 2,000-person deep queue at Terminal 4, or as you wait for yet another bus. All the drawings are part-completed, giving you great ideas to sketch and have fun with by yourself or with friends. Count other cars and decorate them, play family buzz-word bingo, design your own unconventional sign language and draw your own super satnav device.

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