The Twelve-Step Programme to Kick Your Habit

The Twelve-Step Programme to Kick Your Habit

Author Robert Lefever

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320 pages
198 x 129mm
Published Jan 2014
ISBN 9781780974569
Book Summary

Addiction of any kind, such as to alcohol, drugs or food, can ruin your life and seriously affect your family, friends and colleagues. Dr Robert Lefever, founder of one of the world's leading recovery centres, PROMIS, is an authority on all kinds of addiction. His experience as a counsellor and as a general medical practitioner is extensive, and his approach to treatment is based on the Twelve-Step Programme pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. Whether you suspect you may have a problem, or you know someone who has, The Twelve-Step Programme to Kick Your Habit will explain the roots of addiction, how to recognize the signs of dependence and how to break the cycle of abuse.


"When I went into treatment I believed I could stop drinking but I had no belief that life would ever be enjoyable again; it would be something I had to live through. I owe to PROMIS my life, but to Robert I owe the fact that I enjoy it!" Clarissa Dickson Wright, celebrity chef and TV presenter

"This book brought it home to me how addiction can affect us all - you may not be an addict but sure 'as eggs is eggs' you will be affected by addiction. Kick Your Habit is extremely helpful for people suffering from addiction, and for their family and friends." Patsy Palmer, Actress

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