The Victorian Treasury

The Victorian Treasury

Author Lucinda Dickens Hawksley

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160 pages
204 x 135mm
Published Oct 2015
ISBN 9780233004778
Series: Treasury
Book Summary

The Victorian age was an era that witnessed enormous changes around Britain and affected vast swathes of the globe. It was a time of great invention, social upheaval, medical breakthroughs, religious fervour, brutal legislation, terrifying crimes and excessive hypocrisy.

With intriguing facts and stories, The Victorian Treasury looks at the minutiae of everyday life, as well as the major events that changed the world. It uncovers what it was like to live during the time of Queen Victoria's long reign from 1837 to 1901 and reveals:

Urban legends such as Spring Heeled Jack

The notorious crimes of Jack the Ripper and Constance Kent

The building of the London Underground

How a Victorian maid spend her leisure time

The experience of travelling on a steam train for the first time

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