The White Album: A-Side/B-Side

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The White Album: A-Side/B-Side

Author Brian Southall

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192 pages
253 x 253mm
Published Oct 2018
ISBN 9781787391871
Book Summary

Packed full of musical and historical analysis centred on the Beatles at the peak of their popularity, The White Album: A-side/B-side takes a look at one of the greatest albums ever created, and the tumultuous time period it was born into.

Dive into the revolution and turmoil that followed the 'The Summer of Love' and follow the disruption on streets through the ground-breaking music of The Beatles. The ultimate guide to the eclectic styles, techniques and stories behind the universally renowned "The White Album". Including an indepth guide to the album and an exploration of the political and social influences, this captures revolutiony moment in musical history.

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