Things a Mother Should Know

Things a Mother Should Know

Author Alison Maloney

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192 pages
184 x 117mm
Published Mar 2009
ISBN 9781853756955
Book Summary

Every mother is special and every mother's relationship with her child is unique, but that doesn't mean that every mother acquires a magical gift when giving birth that allows her to glide effortlessly through the many trials of motherhood on a feather-pillow cloud of petal-pink kisses or powder blue hugs. To your child, you are the World's Best Mum, and living up to that title can be an enormous challenge, but it's a challenge made easier to tackle with a healthy dose of good humour and the benefit of the experiences of others. Despite the fact that your bond with your child is unique, you can rest assured that millions of women before you have gone through the same emotions, have faced the same dilemmas and have felt the same heartaches watching their children grow up. Things A Mother Should Know taps into the experiences of scores of women whose stories and anecdotes amuse and delight as they follow their children from infancy, through the growing pains of childhood into the troubled teenage years and then on into parenthood themselves. Guaranteed to raise a smile, browsing through Things A Mother Should Know is just what you need to help you face up to the lifelong job of being the World's Best Mum!

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