Things a Woman Should Know About Style

Things a Woman Should Know About Style

Author Karen Homer

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200 pages
151 x 144mm
Published Feb 2017
ISBN 9781853759772
Book Summary

For the intelligent woman who wants practical advice on dressing with classic style rather than being a slave to fashion, Things a Woman Should Know About Style includes hard-and-fast rules, some constructive criticism and occasional shouts of protest.

Discover why you can never have too many white T-shirts, how to choose the right shoes and when to say 'no' to this season's high-fashion trends. Packed with humour and offering a wry sideways look at the world of women's style, this book will have you laughing out loud in recognition. From the hazards of choosing underwear to finding the right wedding outfit, this book is the handbag-sized bible for women of all ages.


'The ultimate guide to staying chic' - Red Magazine

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