Total Running

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Total Running

Author Men's Running, Women's Running

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192 pages
286 x 236mm
Published Oct 2017
ISBN 9781780979922
Book Summary

The art of running is simple to take up but difficult to master. Whether you are a complete jogging novice or a marathon-mastering virtuoso, Total Running provides the skills you need to become a better runner. Powered by the experts of Men's Running and Women's Running magazines, inside you will find everything from training plans and exercise routines to motivational tips and nutritional advice. Whatever your level, this guide will help you get fitter, go further, run faster - and have more fun. 

Illustrated throughout with annotated photographs and step-by-step artworks and images. This extensive and authoritative book contains chapters on health, food and nutrition, training plans, exercises, and equipment. It is for casual runners, from those taking it up for the first time and aiming to complete their first mile, to those eyeing up a marathon and searching for advice on how best to train.


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