Author Philip Marsh

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160 pages
283 x 245mm
Published Jul 2015
ISBN 9780233004587
Book Summary

The great story of the age of the train is told through a wealth of photographs and memorabilia from the collections of the UK's National Railway Museum in York.

Covering the development of railway networks in America, Europe, Africa and Asia, epic rail journeys across continents and technological leaps, it is an enthralling ride through the history of the train from the Rocket to the Bullet. Over 200 photographs are complemented by 20 documents that are printed on the pages.

Documents printed on the page include:

South Eastern Railway's Illustrated Tourist Guide, 1887, including

timetable and tourist information for those travelling between

London and Paris

Orient Express poster

SNCF marketing material for the launch of the TGV in 1981 and its

record-breaking run in 1990

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