Unbelievable Science

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Unbelievable Science

Author Colin Barras

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224 pages
243 x 191mm
Published Sep 2017
ISBN 9781780979427
Book Summary

How did the atom bomb help save the elephant? Have we found the secret to eternal youth? Could a parasite be manipulating you right now?

This dazzling collection of stories reveals the key recent breakthroughs in science, across all fields.

Inside you will meet the killers lurking in Earth's ice, the super-coral that could save our seas and the neuroscientists hunting ghosts. You will travel beyond our galaxy to worlds where the sun sets twice, and beyond our time to a future where the Internet is unhackable and chickenosaurs roam the land.

Divided into sections covering physics, space, humanity, the brain, plants and animals, and linking stories from different fields, Unbelievable Science offers a boundless journey of discovery for anyone with a passion for the world around them. Prepare to be shocked and amazed on every page.

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