Wrinklies' Guide to Gardening

Wrinklies' Guide to Gardening

Author Brian Alexander, Foreword by Bob Flowerdew

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192 pages
204 x 135mm
Published Mar 2012
ISBN 9781853758379
Book Summary

The Wrinklies' Guide to Gardening is the perfect companion for old-timers who know that you don't need to be 'green' in order to have green fingers. Cultivate your garden and you cultivate your wrinkly health and well-being, growing all kinds of good things along the way. This book shows you - with acres of tried and tested tips and advice that will break neither your back nor your bank. There is masses of practical information on soil preparation, gardening gear and planting techniques, as well as chapters devoted to those old wrinkly favourites, the greenhouse and patio pots and containers. If it's a perfect green sward that you're after, to make you the envy of your wrinkly friends (and foes) then this book fits the bill: lawns, borders, growing fruit and vegetables - all these are covered, and much, much more - for every bored wrinkly's delight.

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