Wrinklies' Guide to Keeping Supple

Wrinklies' Guide to Keeping Supple

Author Vicky Hales-Dutton, Foreword by Hunter Davies

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192 pages
204 x 135mm
Published Mar 2012
ISBN 9781853758386
Book Summary

The Wrinklies Guide to Keeping Supple does just what is says on the tin, with a host of stretches, yoga postures, swim strokes and tailor-made routines to keep every health-conscious wrinkly's old bones in the finest of fettles. Set down your crossword and teacup and take up walking, cycling exercises for core stability and so much more. If you are bored with the confines of your armchair and feel the need to get on the move again, this is the book for you. With chapters on diet for suppleness and joint care and general health, you can forget about arthritis and think about athletics - wrinkly-style. As if all this wasn't enough to thrill your wrinkly old heart, there is a series of 'wrinkly daily suppleness challenges' at the end of the book that will gently push your limits but still ensure that you can get up again in the morning. With this book you can keep supple and stay strong.

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