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Author Nick Veasey

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224 pages
220 x 180mm
Published Jan 2014
ISBN 9781847960764
Book Summary

Award-winning photographer Nick Veasey uses a variety of specialised imaging equipment to create images that see within. Often collaborating with scientists and boffins, he has built a strong body of work that enables the viewer to appreciate what goes on underneath the surface. The subject matter of these enlightening images is entertaining and wide ranging. X-rays are primarily used for diagnostic radiography and crystallography; they are a form of ionizing radiation and as such can be dangerous. Veasey works in a lead-lined studio that is locked, with him on the outside, during the exposure of the images. Geiger counters are used to ensure safety. Once the x-ray has been exposed on to film it is then scanned at ultra high resolution with special scanning equipment tailored for the process. These digital images are then composed and embellished on computer. The whole process can take weeks, or even months. Often improvising and experimenting, Nick Veasey has created images of the everyday and the bizarre. The contrasting influences of inner strength and outer beauty that these pictures highlight remind us all not to judge by outward appearances.

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